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Hello there!

Welcome! I know its been a long while sense I have blogged. Sorry to be MIA. Been super busy. I have missed blogging and you! The outfit above is so easy. Throw on a dress, a hat and slide on sandals and you are out the door. It doesn’t take much planning, which is my kind of outfit. I really enjoy furry slide on sandals. They remind me of what vintage movie stars would wear. I got the ones pictured from Burlington (10.00). I also have a pair from Amazon (20.00). My lace dress I have had for a couple of years and it gets worn often. What is a easy cute outfit for you?

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Hat // Slide Sandals //Lace Dress



Flower child






Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. If you haven’t visited then welcome! Enjoy!

The outfit below is this weeks favorite of mine. The colors went so well together. This top… It has everything I love in a top. Ruffles, floral, off the shoulder and bell sleeves. In love. I think off the shoulder tops look great on everyone. I suggest if you don’t have one you should try one! My top was my statement piece so I didn’t want to wear much jewelry because of that. Everyone needs a good pair of trousers. I found these at my local thrift but they are everywhere on ASOS website. I will link some I find below. I really like pleated trousers. They have a really nice fit. Which is fantastic if you find a pair of pants like that.


Top //Pants



Hey there,

My favorite outfit of the week is the one above. I wanted to spice up a pair of plain ol’ jeans. By adding a neck scarf and block heels it added flare to a plain outfit. Neck scarfs may not be trending for everyone but I like how it gives a little something, for me they add more color. Try one out if you like. FYI Scarfs are a cute way to add some color to a bag tying it around a strap. I got my neck tie from the Coach Outlet, but I will link some below.I am totally digging block heels as well. Block heels are very easy to walk in and they come in fun colors. My block heels shown are from TJ Maxx. You can make a simple outfit stand out! How do you make outfits stand out?

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Heels // Jeans // Scraf// Hat

Let Them Eat Cake


Hello there! Long time no blog, I know. I’m sorry. I love all of my outfits but only a few can make it on the blog. I’m posting this because of this skirt. It’s from a thrift store (Red Racks) and I’m head over heels for it. It was only two dollars, so I had to have it. Lately, I have been huge fan of thrift stores because I have found some really good items. I didn’t find my hat from a thrift store but for sure one of my favorite stores, Ross. I was looking for a really girly hat last year and when I saw this one it was meant to be. I’m not so trilled about my mock ruffle sweater. It hasn’t kept up the best. Sadly, I won’t be able to link this skirt.

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Hat//Sweater // Necklace//Mules





IMG_2554Happy Friday!

I went to the ballet last night to watch my sisters spring performance. If you didn’t know already I love going to the ballet. Mainly because I love seeing all of the women dressed up. A lot of the dance costumes give me inspiration.

The skirt is from Amazon. I really wanted a high and lo floral skirt. I had an idea of what I wanted, but I couldn’t find one. Don’t you hate that? I did stumble upon this daisy skirt when I was looking. To me it’s one of my great  finds because it was on 17 dollars plus free shipping. I do recommend sizing up. Being fancy is something I’m really good at.


Daisy Skirt // Black Teeshirt//Rose Studs // Little Purse

Flirty and Floral


Hello everyone!

I really wanted to show you my new floral skirt. It’s from Amazon and I will link it below. The one problem with this skirt, is it runs small. I got a medium and I’m normally a medium (size 10). I love how it’s different. As I come to think of it I don’t think I have ever seen a long lace floral skirt. I suggest if you get the skirt, you should get a size up. I keep up with all of the “trends” and floral is one of them, as is basket bags. I got mine before they were trending last year at a flea market. I will link a few basket bags I have seen below. What trend are you loving???


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Floral Skirt // White Tee// Mules // My Bow Mules// Basket Bag

Rain Rain Go Away


Hello lovelies!

Let me start by saying it was raining all day this day. thus why I wore the rain boots. Even though it doesn’t look like it. haha. I for sure needed a coat on. Missouri weather is nuts. I wanted to show you one way to wear rain boots.  Next way I want to wear my rain boots is with a little black dress and some tights. The boots are kid size but I know for sure you can get some pink ones in adult size. The boots are from Burlington. I will link what I find below as always.

The one thing I really like about this outfit is nothing is new (expect the Ted Baker tote.) I wanted to use items that are in my closet to show you to use what you have. I like to take good care of my stuff so it lasts. Especially when it comes to clothes. I would love to know how you would wear rain boots?

White sweaters//Rain boots // Ted Baker tote// Socks

Feelin’ Parisian


Welcome! So far this was my favorite outfit of the week. So, I had to blog it. I’d like this dress with a white petticoat as well but grabbed this cream one because I haven’t worn it yet. It was from a shop in St. Joseph MO called Stetson Hat Outlet. It was one dollar! I’m the type person that likes to look chic on a budget. I call this my Parisian outfit. The pink beret just does it for me. Hats make an outfit more put together sometime if you are going for a certain look. What do you think?


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Mint Dress // Petticoat // Pink Beret// Earrings // Shoes

Hop Hop

Hello guys! This week I wanted to show you how to dress up if you have a nice Easter dinner coming up or a Kentucky Derby party. Ditch the basket and wear something like this in a couple of weeks. The hair peice from Hobby Lobby is perfect for dressing up. I do have to compliment the black and white polka dot button up. For me, polka dots are classic. You can dress them so many different ways and they are still classy.  By just adding a skirt and a colored lip it says elegant. You don’t have to put too much thought into an outfit like this just girl it up.

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A Night At The Ballet





Hello everyone! This was the best shoot location. These shots are my favorite yet. The Webster House is so beautiful in KC. It’s an old school house. They have the best cocktails and food, if you are feeling spendy.

I went to see Sleepy Beauty Ballet this week and had to dress for the occasion of course. I felt like such a princess. This tulle skirt was in my video last week and I fell in love with it. Normally long tulle skirts like this are pricy, but I found this one on Amazon for 20 dollars plus free shipping. I know for certain this will be getting worn quite a bit. I have a lot of outfit ideas for it. 🙂 This won’t be the last time you see it. You have been warned! I love the pink and lace together. The lace top does show a little mid drift, but its perfect for a high wasted pieces. I wasn’t able to find the same lace tank but a look alike is below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tulle Skirt // Lace tank// Moto jacket // Shoes